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HD Super Zoom Telescope Lens


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Are you a social media lover who likes to post pictures of everything you do? How about someone who likes to take pictures of outdoor objects, but doesn’t want to spend money on a big camera with a quality zoom?

If you’ve ever been jealous at the quality of some of the photos that you see, you may be surprised to learn than they didn’t spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a standard  DSLR camera.

Those impressive photos could very well have been taken with the  HD12X Zoom lens that attaches to your smartphone! We know what you’re thinking…there’s no way that a smartphone can take  high quality photos like that. But we’ll tell you that you are in for a pleasant surprise when you see what this little lens can do.


And when we say little; we mean it. The  HD12X Zoom is less than 3” long and weighs less than 2-ounces, so it’s  extremely easy to carry around with you. And the fully universal clip technology allows you to use the lens on any smartphone, so you won’t have to buy a new one!


The  HD12X Zoom was developed for the recreational photographer who wants to take  professional quality photos, but can’t afford a professional camera. The price is affordable for almost any budget and it’s easy enough for anyone to use. If you’ve ever had a dream about taking high quality photos from your smartphone, then your time has arrived! 


►  12x Magnification

►  25mm Objective Diameter

►  Fully Coated Optics 

► Powerful, Ultra-Compact & Lightweight

► 60 Degree Field of View

► Dual Focus capability (front & back adjustable zoom)


So what does all this mean for you?


It means that you will be able to take  high quality photos  wherever you go. And if you are big on posting your photos on social media, prepare to get even more likes, comments and followers on all of your platforms. Once your friends see the high quality images that you can take with your phone, they will be impressed and share your photos with their friends to  make you a hot commodity !


You get a free Wrist Strap, carry pouch and lens cloth.

 A 12x HD Zoom Lens

 1 x Mount Clip 

 FREE Lens Box 

 FREE Lens Cloth


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